Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blessings and mascots

Yesterday was a good day overall. Blessings in particular:

1. Harold's (Steve's brother) lymph node was benign. It had shown some activity so they biopsied it. He had been diagnosed with primary brain lymphoma.

2. More insurance issues resolved all due to me having to switch plans twice since treatment.

3. I am in LiveStrong for sure. Furthermore I get to use the Y any time I want during those 3 months

4. Above freezing temps and I walked 1% faster than the day before.

5. The salon will refund my money for that awful wig episode.

6. Despite a badly mangled right hand, Naomi had a fantastic game starting from the openning tip-off (using her left hand) to T who scored with 5 seconds on the clock. Got lots of rebounds-notably offensive ones, steals, and assists. The other Rats did well too handily beating Dexter.

The game was northwest of Jackson at a school aptly named Northwest, Home of the Mounties. Mounties eh, are they Canadians? My freshman (in college)boyfriend went there.They had to stay to watch the 2nd game of the night as they will play the winner: Mounties vs Lions. We left with the Mounties ahead by quite a bit but the Lions came back and won by a point as we drove home. Damn. Their center is 6'2. Naomi will have her hands full. But the rest of the team is slow and clumsy and we've beaten a team that beat them. Is there transitivity in bball games? I hope so.

In one of our many threats to make Naomi to behave, we've threatened to send her to Dexter where Josh lives. Aside from not loving their athletes, she said they have the worse mascot ever, the Dreadnaught, which is some kind of pirate boat. This year they played the Rocks, (Plymouth based-get it?Naomi didn't)the Kicking Mules, the Maples, the Indians,the Railsplitters, the Yellowjackets, the Bulldogs (very common name) and of course the Pioneers, amongst others.
My favorite name is Sharon's Terrapins. Why name your team after a turtle?

One of the moms father died and we are off to go to his funeral in the middle of the thumb. The hand is so useful as a map for Michigan geography. The thumb area is absolutely flat full of sugar beet and potato farms. Caro, our target town, refines sugar from these enormous beets.

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