Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Julia!

Sunny as superdog with Julia
Actually yesterday was her birthday. My dyslexic son has always been confused about the date thinking that she is either 10 days older, so the bday is the 7th or is that she is 7 days older so the date is the 10th. Julia was my son's high school sweetheart and now his wife. She and her friend operate a dog 'pawtisserie' in Dexter ( For their joint birthdays, they are treating themselves with a trip to Jamaica this week and we will be dog sitting the ever energetic Sunny, a German Shepherd. We will have dinner with them later today.
I attempted to run yesterday in between the showers. I thought that all my walking would have helped my fitness but running turned out to be very hard. I went for about 2 miles with plenty of stops. Later I went to a friend's dodging thunderbolts for some relaxation-a nice evening. I haven't driven anywhere since my stay in chemoland. I usually feel OK in the week before my infusion dreading the day that will cause pain, but Tuesday will be my LAST chemo.
Today I will meet up with la mia amica di Gagliano Nancy to go to the Detroit Inst of Arts where we will see "Gomorrah", a movie about the Camorra, the mafia of Naples. Lots of the people from my Italian trip should be there (hopefully you too Jeannette!). Rafaele (the head of our program) will give a talk before the movie. Afterwards, we will see the Rockwell exhibit.

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