Saturday, March 21, 2009

Showers and sun in Seattle

The weather changes so quickly here. We were walking Oliver along the beach in Golden Park and suddenly torrential rains began. We were fortunately close to a coffee hut where Steve, Oliver and I waited out the storm watching Maddy get soaked as she raced to get the car. Oliver thought it all very funny. It was sunny without a cloud in the sky by the time we got home,

Earlier in the day, we went to the International district for dim sum. Joe, my 13 year old nephew, was thrilled and out of school for the day. I must have ate too much because I felt very ill the rest of the day with sharp stomach pains. After a very rough night, I feel OK. We are taking a ferry ride today to Bainbridge Island and then we are to have a big salmon dinner tonight.

Oliver isn't letting Shanna have any sleep. Hopefully the new baby will be a sleeper. In September, I plan to walk Oliver all day to siphon off that energy. He is a busy, busy little boy.

It's almost the official end of chemoland but its effects will still be around. Absolutely no sign of hair regrowth and for added insult, each day my eyebrows and lashes get thinner. Two weeks ago they were normal. Now 8 of my nails look like I have coffee stains on them. The nails grow very fast, which I don't understand why as fast growing cells are preferentially killed, but it's not a healthy growth as there are white streaks and yellow and brown patches and there seem to be air spaces. I haven't washed dishes since chemo began  as I have no oil glands. A bonus: taxol has killed my funky apocrine gland damaged in surgery so I don't smell so bad or maybe my perception is off and I still stink but just don't realize it.  I do smell sweat on other people and it grosses me out. At one point I had wondered if I had cancer of the apocrine gland itself as basically sweat glands and breasts derive from the same embryonic cells but if I did, Taxol seems to have killed it.

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