Monday, March 2, 2009

No I don't accept your cancer card

The Wellness Community holds a special support group for teens whose parents have cancer to help them deal with the fear of possibly losing their parent. No fear here and definitely no breaks for the cancer parent. In her eyes, there should be no reason that things shouldn't continue as normal just as long as I wear my wig, which she prefers to my real hair. I don't look all that sick to her. She continues to be incredibly difficult to deal with and in no way is she ready to leave the nest.

Brenda came over around noon with great coffee, which I am sipping as I type and tasty pastries. I asked Naomi to show Brenda her collage and she flatly refused being very rude to Brenda and then stomping out of the house leaving the door wide open. When I went into her room to retrieve it, I found a bag of cupcakes that she insisted 6 weeks ago that Steve had to buy for Tyler's birthday for $16. Now I never would have bought these overpriced, nasty things but I was furious that she has so little regard to our money and time. This on top of her going over her texting limit and her nightly 2 hour phone calls to the boyfriend. So no more funding her trips to Bubble Island with Carmel, no computer or TV. She remained unrepentant and claimed I didn't have a suitable plate to present the cupcakes. I didn't even know they had been bought at the time much less that she needed a container for them. So she just let them rot. She had to clean her room thoroughly the other day while we were gone on infusion day. She should have just thrown them out and I would have never known but she was too lazy.

Plans need to be made for her future. During my stay in chemoland, I very often lack the mental energy to deal effectively with her. She at least is doing better in school.

It is very cold here and no relief until Wednesday. Thoroughly bundled up, I did my almost 4 mile walk. It is at least sunny and dry.

My myalgia is almost gone. At times I don't feel it at all except that the bottoms of my feet feel very sore and it's not from my walks. Ninety-one days in chemoland, twenty-one to go. Maybe I'll have only a few more bad days and then let the healing begin!!! Need to get a doctor's excuse to postpone jury duty.

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