Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outta here

It occurred to me that Steve never called his sister to tell her we are coming and that she knows of it only from reading this blog and Shanna's Facebook. Argh! But I guess by now, she is used to such dysfunction. She did send a weather report-rain for the entire time we are there and mainly temps in the 40s. Yesterday it was 70 deg here and sunny. I did my long walk but was sad to see that I've slowed down over the last cycle.

I got some advertisment in the mail from K-mart saying as one of their best customers, they are pleased to offer me $25 if I switch all my precriptions to them. If I am one of their best customers, they have big problems as I haven't even been in their stores for years preferring Target. Then I thought, maybe my identity stealer is their best customer and I just haven't gotten the bill for it. She using my driver's license (which always is in my possession) openned up a Sear's acct last fall and bought a leaf blower and sent the bill to me. I am to be told anytime 'I' open up an acct somewhere by the credit bureau. I assumed she must be a bank employee who has a copy of my driver's license and all my other ID. She of course, is welcome to have my cancer. But then again, maybe K-mart has gotten wind of what a big time drug consumer I've been lately. My drug bill must approach $100K by now.

Josh's birthday being on St. Pat's has always been a problem for going downtown to eat and finding parking. So we went on the outskirts of town. He had been sitting in the bar for an hour wearing green. So sad sitting all alone on your birthday, so he made friends until Julia, Steve and I showed up. I do have an Irish great-grandfather immigrating here from Dublin giving me my bizarre middle name. While all my friends had cutesy middle names like Ann or Sue, I had "Graham". It could be worse. They could have given me my mom's maiden name, a homonym (or is it a homophone) for a female sex part. They showed us their Jamaican pix. Josh will have his hands full with Naomi.

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