Monday, February 8, 2016

Year of the Monkey

New Year's festivities : San Francisco taken by my niece

Very cool opening of the bridge lights and Superbowl festivities. Wish we were on the pier to take this photo but just emerged  from the BART tunnel. Not our photo

sunrise yesterday

more get well flowers
Ms Tess and her thumb boo-boo. It at least keeps it out of her mouth

We've had a slight break from winter so I've been walking outside as much as possible before the cold starts again. Steve came with me for a walk along the river yesterday. Still all drab and gray but at least the air was fresh and it is good to be moving.
I am nervous about resuming running. This is my second big fall in 34 years of running so maybe I am blowing it out of proportion. The last time, I tripped on a tree root so I resolved not to run in the woods no matter how inviting the shade is on a hot day. But on unbroken pavement? Can I trust myself?
I finally took my bike in for another round of repairs and maintenance. I'll be ready if we have a nice day again.
Each day I become a bit less scabby, less black and blue and less swollen. Still I want to cry when I see myself in the mirror. Part of my lip is numb. Maybe temporary?
I did pay a visit to the disorganized thrift store where everything is in poorly lit bins and covered with dust. I assumed no one would see me in the shadows.  And then the prices are up to the one legged lady. No negotiating with her. No great finds (unlike my fused iridescent glass frame) but I did get some frames for reprints of our recent trip.
Year of the Monkey. Zodiac signs mean nothing to me. If they did, I would not have had 2 sheep babies. Most unlucky. Luckiest? Dragon babies. Steve is one and I am not despite us being born in the same calendar year but not in the same lunar year.
What I started watching: Making a Murderer. OMG. How crooked and incompetent the powers that be can be! Lesson learned: never agree to a police interview without a lawyer especially if you are ignorant and mentally challenged. 
The Superbowl. Didn't really care who won though I prefer blue states to red. Steve had it on delaying my Downton Abbey watching. I fell asleep sometime in the 3rd quarter.

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Elephant's Child said...

Glad that you are improving. And hope it continues.


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