Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Healthy grains

Ms Allie
spelt soup

Ms Tess: Our guest yesterday morning. By far, the easiest grandbaby

Tonight's topic for my Cooking for Wellness class was grains. Only two dishes were prepared: spelt soup with beans, fake bacon and mustard greens and pumpkin faro fritters. I preferred the soup. I would have preferred real bacon to fake bacon but most dishes are vegetarian as many survivors feel that meat, dairy, sugar, white flour are the enemy. Of course the fake bacon was made of soy, suspect for estrogen fed cancers. The faro fritters were chock full of antioxidant spices.
More sad stories, which makes my facial injuries seem trivial. I will not die from it. A lady is currently in treatment for TNBC and having every possible side effect possible from the chemo. Again I was lucky not to suffer too much from the chemo. An older couple, married 51 years, have been coming to this class since it began. The husband just died! Not of cancer but of Parkinson's Disease. He lost his swallowing reflex.
It is becoming more and more winter like. I keep saying to myself  that maybe it will be spring in 3 weeks. My lip froze yesterday when it was just 20 so I guess I will need a face mask if I am out when it's that cold for any length of time. I worked out with weights and walked inside today. Yep boring.
We finished Making a Murderer. Fascinating but sad. I am not convinced of the main character's innocence but his nephew definitely go a bad deal. His lawyer should have been disbarred.
Less scabbing and swelling

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Elephant's Child said...

I have found that I never have to look very far to find someone worse off than myself. Which just adds guilt to my bad feelings.
I am glad to hear your swelling and scabbing are continuing to recede.


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