Friday, February 26, 2016

A wall of grandkids

I recently added canvases of Tess and Maya to the family roomwall. I have canvases of when they were much younger in other rooms

glass pretty for the flower room
Find of the month: ceramic tile nude unsigned. It is very heavy. Sort of looks like me before reconstruction surgery. Haven't figured out where to put it

The sun finally did show yesterday as it was setting
Maya wanted to wear a dress when she was over yesterday even though it is 2 sizes too big. Shanna had looked so cute in it. I don't think Naomi ever wore it
Shanna wearing the dress

Things are melting. Yay! It will be close to 60 Sunday. Maybe before I throw my Oscar party for the Moms, I can go biking. Official snowfall: Ann Arbor 8.1; Plymouth:8.9. We are in the middle. They had plowed one of the bike lanes of the big road near me so I was able to run. As I haven't left the house except to run or bike since Sunday, I went to the thrift stores though where I bought the above pieces, it isn't too thrifty there. The super thrift store was just too junky.

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Elephant's Child said...

LOVE that ceramic nude. Quirky and fun.


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