Monday, February 1, 2016

Cruising in Santa Cruz

We managed to avoid several storms to have a good day headed south to Santa Cruz.  it is elephant seal mating season  it would be fun to watch but involves making an appointment, slogging through sand for 3 miles and paying lots of money.  we could see them for free if we were to drive 200 miles through Big Sur.  instead we watched surfers whose long paths ran parallel to us Steve has some good photos of wipeouts.  some of our best photos will be posted once we have our computer back. Lots of walking along the coast. See natural bridges.  We walked on the wharf where the sea lions rested and then downtown where we found an Italian deli.  Then on to Aptos, a cute beach town and then inland to Watsonville where all the blackberries and raspberries we get at home come from. we went to a pie ranch for some tasty pies and then over a mountain

I am still covered with hives. I try to ignore them but it is hard. the original lesions from the hot tub are almost gone but I am having an allergic reaction to something I slathered on me, maybe Benadryl.  It all looks very much like poison ivy. I did walk past some poison oak but I am fairly sure I never touched itThe hives didn't start until a full week after the hot tub

One more day of sun and flowers....

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Elephant's Child said...

Love the murals. And the octopus.
I do hope the hives heal. Quickly. Camomile lotion?


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