Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring for a day

Finally got my shelf installed so some of my glass pretties are out of the grasp of children. The artist,
Rosalee Tyge,
 lives in Traverse City MI

We have a small patio in front that this should fit perfectly in

new tile from the same artist that made my fancy shelf above
hand blown glass pretty

Sunny and sixty! How this makes my spirit soar if only for a day. Back to winter by mid week. It comes with strong winds making bicycling difficult at least in one direction. Allie enjoyed playing with the 'cars' again (our assortment of Little Tyke toys) outside. New running shoes to bring an extra spring in my step.

They were having 'an estate' sale in the house down the street. Did someone die? Who knows. But I got to peak inside this neighbor's house and buy a few things.
In less than our hour, my friends come so we can watch the Oscars.

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Elephant's Child said...

Your glass pretties are glass beauties.


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