Friday, February 5, 2016

Gramma Sue is too scary

Allie eyeing me suspiciously
Seattle from West Seattle

Ashland Oregon

glass deck of the Santiago Cavatara bridge in Redding

only sign of life in the Fitzgerald tidepools

My brother, wife and daughter and us on Devil's Slide

San Francisco and Ferry Building

interesting to me fireworks

Some of the heart shaped fireworks. Some looked better than this

looking at the city from a pier The lights and pictures on the building kept changing

Ferry building up close

lots of armed guards

pelicans and murres, Santa Cruz

wipe out, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz boardwalk

sunset from my brother's deck on the last night, the only time we could see the ocean. It was supposed to be a beautiful day....sigh.

The good news, if anything could be good from this whole mess, is that I don't need implants according to my dentist. He will make crowns but won't deal with me for a month as he wants me to heal. He has seen lots of facial injuries and thought the plastic surgeon did an excellent job stitching me up. As soon as I fell, I felt a big gap with my tongue and assumed my tooth was on the pavement and did a search for it. It is half there though my tongue still feels a complete gap.
I can open my mouth a bit wider now so I don't need to spoon coffee into a corner of my mouth. Still hard to drink anything without dribbling.
My friend with the leukemia lives close to the dentist office so I visited briefly. They are checking out the severity of her graft versus host disease today with a series of very invasive tests. Her brother, from the East  Coast , is on hand to donate his lymphocytes. It is his lymphocytes that are causing the GVHD but more of his lymphocytes are needed to kill the fast growing leukemia. If they determine her GVHD is too severe, they will freeze his cells until it lets up and then infuse them. It is a fine, scary line. This is a matter of life and death, not a scabby, ugly face that mostly will get better. So Sue, shut-up already.
Josh and Allie came over when I got home. Her hair in back is quite long. She has a mullet. Her hair will be  evened up this weekend. She would not get anywhere near me eyeing me with a mixture of horror and concern. Too scary. She was very happy to see Poppa Steve.
I managed to walk quite a bit after my recent surgery. I need to get out today. I will have to be in the neighborhood. Hope I don't come across anyone.


Elephant's Child said...

Some lovely images here. That glass deck would make me uncomfortable though.
Great news from the dentist - and I love his affirmation of the surgeon's stitching too.
Good luck - to you and to your friend.

Snowbrush said...

Sue, I enjoyed the photos and am thrilled by your good news about your teeth.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

The glass deck was especially slippery in the rain. However there is a small strip of gravel that I balanced myself on as I crossed over. I did cringe as I saw a bike ride on the wet glass but it managed to stay upright.

Thanks Snow. Some people without a Blogger account have to post as anonymous but as long as they write their names, I am fine with it. Kris is a reader of both our blogs and is a very thoughtful person. Sorry you get hateful comments, I do too occasionally but some of your posts are fairly controversial. I don't agree with everything you say but I appreciate the well written arguments you pose. I especially enjoyed your transition from Southern Baptist to your current beliefs though remain puzzled why you want to join a church whose tenets you only partially embrace. But you have not written of that in a while so I assume you have moved on.

Snowbrush said...

Sue, I grew up Church of Christ, which was to the right of being Baptist.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Not up on the fundamentalist churches Snow. They all scare me. The C of C doesn't deal with snakes and talking in tongues, does it?

Snowbrush said...

“The C of C doesn't deal with snakes and talking in tongues, does it?”

No, the Church of Christ is much like the Southern Baptist Church except: they don’t have instrumental music; they do have communion every week; they’re congregationally ruled; they put a greater emphasis on hell (it’s preached in almost every sermon); if anything, they take the Bible even more literally; and it’s their belief that no one who isn’t a member of the Church of Christ can get into heaven (including Southern Baptists). Peggy grew up in a hardcore Southern Baptist home, and even she was shocked by the rigidity of the Church of Christ. Now, we’re both atheists. As for your other question about my interest in church, I’ve put scores—or more—of hours into blogging about just that, so it’s a bit much to go into here.


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