Thursday, February 4, 2016

Where Phone cameras just won't do, part 1

En route to our first night we went through ghostly trees, trunks covered with green moss with trails of gray moss hanging from the branches

fisheye view of the coastal redwoods

fancy staircase of the inn we stayed in. Beautiful grounds and main buildings but our room in an auxiliary  building, not so nice

Interesting top of  a bank In Mendocino

close up of glass at Glass Beach

This bridge is for a rail trail in Fort Bragg

4 vultures resting on fence posts next to the road

herd of 5 elk . In my photos, they were dots

close up of Carson Mansion

I could have taken this photo but didn't in Eureka

Me among the trees Redwood National Park

sea lions and harbor seals sharing space in Crescent City Notice how small seals are compared to the sea lions

arguing sea lions, Newport

bridge connecting Washington and Oregon across the Columbia River

close-up of snowy plovers Long Beach WA
We travel with a 'real' camera complete with various lenses and an iPhone. I do have a small camera that can take close-ups but it doesn't handle light so well so I am not using it any more.

I am sipping my coffee now without having to spoon it in. My lips are slightly less swollen. In my instructions, I am not to let crusts form. The chin looks OK but my lip is one huge crust. I guess I have to soak it. I have 2 more days on the antibiotic that burns a hole in my stomach though I haven't yet seen the side effects of that I was warned about. How I wish I didn't fall!

I am having a hard time with this. My face, beyond all the wounds, just looks dirty as the skin is purple. Maybe I will tie a scarf around my face?

I did walk where I would be unlikely to see anyone but the road was quite slippery from all the rain from the day before. Stupid snow is back now.

Two teeth are broken. One I had broke in a previous fall and I think that one can be easily repaired again. The other, I don't think so. I see the dentist in a few hours. Brushing my teeth is a real challenge as I can not fully open my mouth.

While I was gone, I lost 3 readers. I guess I am getting more and more boring.


Anonymous said...

Google is the reason you lost followers. Not sure what Google did, but everyone lost followers it seems. There is a bit of a discussion on Snowbrush's blog. Kris

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I read through Snowbrush's comments and I guess Google removed those without google plus accounts. Who knows why? When one is in a bad mood, little things like finding out less people care what you have to say end up meaning way more than they should.

Elephant's Child said...

It doesn't have to be a google plus account - but it does have to be a google account. They are insisting on their domination. Which peeves me.
I hope your face heals up quickly. I still have scars from my last face plant but was lucky enough to not damage my teeth.

Snowbrush said...

Live yogurt is supposed to help tummy problems from antibiotics by repopulating the flora. Also, taking your pills with any food is a good idea.

I don’t have a Google+ account, so I think it was simply non-Google followers that Google removed because I would have been removed from other people’s blogs if Google had included Google+ bloggers. I have learned that it’s not just controversy that causes people to turn against one, and I’ve sometimes been amazed when some of the least offensive blogs spark hateful comments while I rarely get them. I do lose followers after some of my posts, but I can’t usually know for sure if it was the post itself that caused them to leave because they don’t usually tell me.

Yes, some of the photos look like Oregon, okay.

Kat&Chris said...

This is the first I've heard of the new Google tricks..I'm here and always enjoying your blog stories and the amazing photos!
So sorry for your fall and all the discomfort that is causing. Years back, I did a similar faceplant while running on the mall in DC. I was fortunate to trip over a curb(gawking, not looking where I was going) and fall on my face onto one of the gravel running paths. Injured pride, but nothing more than scrapes otherwise- I was fortunate.
Hang in there, Kathy

Snowbrush said...

Kris, because of you I've opened my blog to anonymous comments. I closed it a few years ago because I so rarely got an anonymous comment that wasn't purely hateful, so since seeing that at least one anonymous reader has something intelligent to add to the conversation, I decided to experiment.


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