Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Where winter lasts just a month

My new half moon tile bought in Half Moon Bay 

This tile is actually twice as big as the other
Filbert capital of the US? Oregon! Managed to get this bottle back without breaking it

What a sight I am! My lower lip is three times its size and protrudes like a grouper's criss-crossed with blue stitches. The wound extends all the way down to my chin. My nose is swollen and purple. I have one black eye. Scabs all over. Yesterday my cheeks were swollen too but that went away. The pain has come down a lot too.  I can not suck on a straw or open my mouth wide. My swollen lips makes drinking impossible. I can slowly spoon stuff into the edge of my mouth but dribble most of it. No more speed eating for me. On the plane there was nothing I could eat.
It is 55 and sunny here. How I would love to run! But on top of it  all, I am at risk for a concussion even though only my jaw was hit. When Steve returns from a myriad of errands, perhaps I can convince him to walk with me. Hope we will do it in an area where no one will see me. I am truly hideous looking.
So I am back and slowly, ever so slowly unpacking. I will see the dentist tomorrow to see what can be done about my teeth. I see my plastic surgeon conveniently when I need my stitches removed. Hopefully they will do it. They still have some to remove from my breasts.
The place has mostly survived without us. All the feeders were empty and no birds at all for the first few hours. But now, at least half of them are back along with the purple finches who haven't been seen for a while.
Shanna came with a smoothie for me to spoon in this morning. I needed that as Steve had bought absolutely nothing for me to eat. No acid, no spices, nothing chewy or crunchy can I handle.
According to my sister in law, it was early spring when we came. It will be spring until June when there will be 2 months of summer, lots of fall and only December is considered winter. As it was warm while we were gone, I see signs of green things growing. Winter returns next week here. It was nice to get away even though I had the worst luck with my health between the hot tub dermatitis, the bad cold, the hives which I still have though they are not itching so badly and the massive face injury. How I wish I could have reversed time!

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Elephant's Child said...

Ouch, ouch and ouch.
I hope the dentist can work magic and that the pain eases off some more.
Nice to be able to hide at home - and I hope you got that walk.


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