Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Our last day

The sun setting over the ocean from my brothers deck

This is what was supposed to happen on the day when we had the best weather.  After breakfast I was going to go on a long run as my shoes are finally dry and my lungs are almost clear of gunk. steve would walk around the harbor and then We had a whole schedule of pretty things to see

This is what happened. steve drops me off at the the corner of the one busy road. I try to beat the light but instead stumble on the crown. I fall so fast I make no attempt to break my fall I smash my face directly on asphalt with my glasses flying I notice immediately a missing tooth and try to find it so it could be reinserted. Cars stop and people come to my aid including Steve who just happened to look back and see me sprawled. a nice man gives me a towel to soak up the blood. I am bleeding  profusely and feel faint.  
This part of the coast is very poorly served for emergencies. we call our useless insurance for guidance for a clinic that they would cover. A frustrating menu full of bullshit while I bleed out. there is a clinic on the other side of the mountain that my sister in law thinks she can find. we are trapped behind a nervous driver going up the pass. As it turned out she has us make a wrong turn going through neighborhoods on garbage day. it takes us more than an hour to find that the clinic which turns out to be a drugstore which couldn't handle me. a hospital is nearby, yay, and is in our network. Another long wait. I think the triage nurse thought I just had a bloody nose not a huge tear in my lower lip and chin. my lip hung below my chin. once they see that this is serious I am brought back to a bed for an iv. The ER doctor thinks the repairs are well beyond her skill level. a plastic surgeon would be needed   she eventually comes fighting Super Bowl traffic. I did like her though she is out of network but I have all sorts of documents certifying that it was an emergency and no time to find a suitable plastic surgeon

The surgery took about an hour. Mainly the multiple injections were the most painful part. I have inside stitches and outside. She thinks in a year the scar will be barely noticeable. I am sleeping or trying to sitting up to avoid black eyes though I see bruising already. suffice it to say, I feel totally miserable. I look very scary. maybe I will wear a scarf across my face. I can not suck on things or bite down on hard or crispy things. nothing spicy or acidic. I ate my smoothie with a spoon dribbling half of it down my chin

Why oh why!!!

but then I get a text that my friend's leukemia cells are growing fast. They have one last trick to maybe stop them. 

And I maybe have a month of looking like Frankenstein but I will get better though thousands of dollars will be needed. dental work to consider

I didn't feel my hives while I was passing out but now.... Yeah they are still there

Back to the frozen gray Michigan in a few hours


Anonymous said...

Sue, How awful and scary! I know more people who have fallen and injured themselves, especially their head/faces in the last few months. Take care. Kris

Elephant's Child said...

I am so very sorry.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this Sue. Hopefully now that you are home you can just take it easy for a bit. And I wish the best for your friend. Eileen


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