Friday, February 19, 2016

Scan crazy

I was always trying to take a good X-mas picture. This is 1995 or1996

The boys,1996 or so, taking a break on our 6 day bike ride. Josh has the sun glasses

My brother and I hiking in Anza-Borrego St. Pk. Compared to him, I am short

my twin nieces, now 30

Shanna and Josh NYC

Either our first or second Michigander. I took Josh when he was 10 (then 4 more times) on this. Very grueling on the first year as the distances were longer and the trails very rough

Bring your Daughter to work. I sponsored Shanna

Badland cliffs in Torrey Pines

My SIL and new husband at their Vegas wedding in 1995. We went there in record heat

Naomi and her cousins. It is the shark holder's birthday today. I was present at her birth

Naomi and our neighbor. When they were 16, I took both of them on the bike ride. Unlike the boys, they never wanted to take breaks, not even for lunch. They wanted to get to camp as quickly as possible where they were queens. As they were both 5'10 and very athletic, it was hard to keep up with them.

Naomi and her favorite parrots at the Tropicana in Vegas
What to do when I can't go out? Sort through the many boxes of photos. I was good at sorting through them and putting them in scrapbooks when the kids were babies but then I seemed to look at the photos once and then throw them in a box. Well I was very busy.There were doubles of many. Also thrown in, photos that the kids, mainly Shanna, had taken. Digital photography has at least cut down on the closet space the photos require.

My goal was to condense 2 shoeboxes into one. The boxes were labeled 1994-1996 but I see some photos that are earlier and later. I had photos in 4 piles: to throw out, to give to Shanna, to scan and just to file. First impediment: Naomi who wanted to see everything to prove that I must prefer the older kids as judged by the number of photos. Well not in this time period. Little girls are cuter than teenagers. I gave her the doubles of photos of herself. All my piles were scattered. Start over. The next day, I was distressed to find all the piles condensed into 2 boxes again. Grrrrrr. Steve's handiwork. Start over yet again slowed down by Steve going through the trash to ask for each photo found there, am I sure I want to throw this out?  Well yesterday after my run, I got busy again and for at least this time period, things are organized. Many more boxes though.

This has been spring break for the kids. Today we battle the crowds at the Hand-on Museum dividing the kids according to age and interests. And it will be warm out! More photos:

San Pasquale grade. I rode from the coast to Julian CA and back. A 120 mile round trip (2 days). Not far in linear miles but lots of climbing

The girls at the wedding. Shanna looks like my SIL's mini-me. The girls are 12 years apart. Naomi now towers over Shanna



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