Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snowed in

view from my back window

lots of snow
Tess the other day

grape tile

As the sun was coming up yesterday, it started to snow. There was still enough salt on the shoulders to melt it as it came down  for the first 10 minutes but it was coming down so hard, it soon was sticking. Fortunately it was not slippery as I went for a run.
Twenty eight hours later, it still hasn't stopped. Schools are cancelled but as Naomi has to work, we get Maya.
My dreams of getting my teeth fixed next week are dashed. This is what I get for putting things off. My health insurance will cover fixing my teeth only if I use a provider in their network, which my dentist is not. They gave me some names of oral surgeons that were in the network. Problem is, these oral surgeons don't do crowns. Numerous phone calls later, I told the insurance to find me a general dentist in Michigan in their network (my insurance is based in New Jersey). They finally admitted there were none so I can use my dentist but it will require a week or two of paperwork and redtape to get approval so I had to cancel my dentist saying I hope to use him soon. Meanwhile my dentin is exposed and hurts when I drink hot things. I do have dental insurance but they provide one crown a year and only at 50% as they consider crowns cosmetic. So it is useless in this case. I must have been on the phone 2 hours.
I finally persuaded Steve to use the snowblower so we can get the cars out. Why does he think he is doing me a favor. I hand shoveled the sidewalk.  My feeders are very popular with the birds as everything is covered with a heavy blanket of snow.

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Elephant's Child said...

Medical insurance. Sigh.
And hiss and spit.
We have a very different system, but as a rule only about 25% of dental costs are covered. Which makes for some expensive outings.


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