Thursday, February 11, 2016

Art detective

I know how the lighting shows this does not match these walls but it does perfectly. Sort of boring graphic but pretty

I do like this print so much better. The painter, William Buffett  mainly paints scenes of California. But he also has a few of Mediterranean scenes
Before my class yesterday, I swung by the Salvation Army. Senior Wednesday! But better, yellow tags are half off and the lower painting was yellow. I do like it but have no idea where I will put it. Nor have I heard of the artist, who I assume is still alive. I've been going through all his paintings and see similar ones but not this one in particular.
Last week was bump your head week. Naomi fell on concrete hitting her forehead resulting in a mild concussion and a large goose egg. Steve was just down the road a few miles and was able to rescue her.
 Tomorrow I will see if I can convince the plastic surgeon's office to remove my lip stitches  along with the few that remain in my girls. I will figure out the mystery substance he patched my breast up with. I think all the swelling is gone and I can buy some new bras to fit the new me.
I had lunch with a friend and ate meat for the first time since smashing my face. Miniburgers so I wouldn't have to stretch my mouth or chew too much. It was fun to go out. Then off to the west side of Ann Arbor for the zillionth time to pick up my bike. But if the weather ever gets nice, I'll be ready. Not this weekend..very cold.


Elephant's Child said...

I am always in awe at your art collection. Your walls must be full. Or do you recycle images and hold some in storage?

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I have lots of walls and the ceilings are very high. But in some rooms, my walls are getting crowded.


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