Saturday, February 20, 2016

Let's experiment

Tess encasing herself in a bubble

Let's see how long our magnetic chain can be
the kids were together only briefly inside the ambulance. All sorts of buttons to push
fishing magnetic fish
Rerouting water pipes. She spent a lot of time here

turns out Maya went to a science center too up north with her father

With different interests and individual rooms having different age limits, Shanna could not take the kids by herself to the Science Museum and have everyone enjoy themselves. I kept Tess company while Shanna had the boys. She would be fixated on a single activity like rerouting water in a series of pipes. Should I encourage her to move to a different activity (so much to see) or let her experiment on her own without interruption. (although given that all the schools were out, plenty of kids kept grabbing her pipes but she would stand up for herself and yank them back). Two hours passed quickly. She did not want to leave.
A brief respite from winter. Two days of sunny 60 degree weather but with very strong winds. The road through the woods was impassable due to falling limbs. Our mailbox was blown over. I did bike early in the morning before the winds became too strong and almost was run over by a workman backing out of a driveway. I raced up to him knocking on his truck.
Sorry I didn't see you.
You didn't see me because you didn't look!
I also told him to please clean up his construction site. The trashbin is way over the top with construction debris that ended up being blown all over the neighborhood. We had insulation strung out over our bushes. At least they aren't trying to burn it.
Finally my hands healed enough for a manicure (they were shredded in the accident). I now have candy pink shiny nails.
Mom's group tonight. Peach melba pie will be my contribution.


Elephant's Child said...

I suspect letting Tess stay while it retained her interest was the way I would have gone.
Glad that you escaped being collected by the truck.
You asked about pavlova. It is a common Australian/New Zealand dessert. Both claim credit. A crisp meringue exterior, soft light filling, topped with fruit and cream.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

My step-grandmother, who was French-Canadian, made a similar dessert though she just called it a meringue. I have made a similar dessert as I love meringue. Raspberries are usually what I filled it with.


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