Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Winter redux

I've been scanning again. Steve in front of the Columbus statue in San Juan PR
Shanna hated her short hair but I thought she looked cute
Josh at Moonlight Beach, Encinitas CA

In the late 80s: ice cream


Jumbo Rocks: Joshua Tree

Naomi and Josh Disneyland

missing teeth

Orange Crush soccer team I coached. Maya will start soccer this spring

I love this of Steve and his brother

Me on top of a mountain in Joshua Tree

Me taking prom photos

Naomi and her cousin. They look the same size but Naomi is 2 years younger

Coba: the tallest Mayan pyramid. Yes, I climbed it but had a panic attack climbing down
These photos were all in one box. I separated out ones that clearly were 20 years later but I am finding it impossible to sort these things. Most of the photos, excepting the ones in which Josh and Shanna are clearly not teenagers, are from the late 90s.

I had my children in three separate decades.

Big winter storm arriving tomorrow! You wouldn't know it to look outside as it is in the 40s, sunny and calm. I did bike some today as I think I've been running way too much too soon.

Try to explain why you are depressed and you quickly feel silly. This is what happened when I was talking to Steve.

As with most things, it passed.

We had a belated birthday dinner the other night with Josh, Julie and Allie as I finally can chew. Today we had Tess and later her mom.

My friend with leukemia will be hospitalized at least a month. I was supposed to visit her in Detroit this week but she is under quarantine as she contracted a C. diff infection, along with a third of her unit. The spores are very hard to kill. She is un able to eat now and is fed just through iv. I feel so bad for her.


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Elephant's Child said...

I agree with you about Shanna's hair. It is seriously cute.
Glad that you can chew again.
Good luck and best wishes to your friend.


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