Friday, February 13, 2015

Windows and pillows

Sunrise this morning. As you can see, we do have a few trees but they are far from the house

I've been going on a pillow buying spree trying to make this room work. This bed is only a double and looks especially puny. We will have a king at some point that will fill the space more

Window people showed up at 7 am this morning. Temp below zero. Did they take one window out then replace it? No, they took them all out before starting to replace them. I had left my plants there and Steve didn't see fit to shelter them so I bet most are now dead. People better appreciate these windows.

How hard is it to find a coral colored pillow? The ones on the outside are too dark. The one in the middle, too light. I did like the embroided yellow bird pillow. What I am thinking is to make this room flower themed. I plan to make a big canvas of a coral colored flower and blow it up to put over the bed. Slight problem: I don't have the right color flowers though I am still looking

Since so far, I can't find a coral colored flower, I've been tinkering with the colors of ones I have. Thus this lily is a tad pinker. This might be the winner as it is from my garden whereas the other photos are from the arb

Pink mountain laurel turned coral

lightened up this peony

In case I go with white though I hate the dark background
I've been very busy all week thus my absence from the blogsphere. And to make things more hectic, I was going to have a Groupon calendar expire today that various issues kept delaying me from making it. But first thing this morning, I was on the computer creating it so yay me. Steve handled the windows which involved removing all the blinds from each one and the shutters that were on the living room ones. And he stayed there 6 hours in the cold. He did move a few more things. I made a few stops over there this week when I was in town moving a few boxes at a time. Still maybe 25% of our stuff remains but there is no hurry now to get it. I did leave all the lamps as the rooms do not have overhead lighting. The only room here that needs extra lights is the one I am in. It has a weak overhead light and a very small window. All the other rooms have big windows and lots of lights.

On top of this, we've had Allie duty as she was too ill for daycare. And last night I went out to mediate a disagreement. I hadn't had time to even take a shower and I really didn't want to run into town but I had to. So mad and disappointed with the principals. When will they grow up?

I did go to my cooking class: healthy soups. Fun to see these people. I've become good friends with one of them. And today, I ran a long way in the frigid air. It was dry and beautiful. There are some interesting sights along the way which I will eventually post. Today I was short of time and it was too cold to stop and deal with the camera.

This afternoon, the other two Moms came to see the house. One brought homemade chocolate strawberries. A nice visit.

The house is gradually taking shape. My new rugs look nice but the breakfast table didn't fit in our car. Next attempt, Shanna's van. If that doesn't work, one of the mom's husbands has a pick-up so I will get that table.

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