Monday, February 23, 2015

One Room School Houses

cemetery near our house

The Geer House built in 1878 We use this as a marker to find our subdivision

Frains Lake school house used as recently s 1982. Originally built 1825 and rebuilt in 1872
Naomi blew up the left window and insists a ghost is staring out of it

sunset last night
In the brief drive between our two houses (three if you include Naomi's), we go by 3 one room school houses: four if you were to drive just a bit further.  Yesterday when I wasn't sleeping or throwing up, I read a bit about the history of these.

In our current township, there are two unincorporated communities: Dixboro and Frains Lake, the latter being quite close to us. Dixboro, established 1825, once more developed than Ann Arbor. The church that Naomi was married in is older than anything in Ann Arbor. (Josh and Julie were married in an old Dixboro farmhouse). However a railroad built included Ann Arbor but not Dixboro caused one city to thrive and the other to stop growth all together. Frains Lake just consists of a sign, a school and an intersection: no businesses. The school was used as recently as 1982. Although kids initially went to a one room school house in Dixboro, a much larger school, Freeman was built. Ann Arbor annexed it promising never to shut it down. They closed it in 1986, liars that they are though they still own the building.

There were ten one room school houses in Superior Township, most are still standing. The original name of the township was Panama though that included parts of Salem township. Although the population is quite dense in its far southeast corner, despite its proximity to Detroit and Ann Arbor, most of the township is sparsely populated.

So I have stopped shivering, a plus. I am drinking coffee though I am still not hungry. I was able to sip chicken soup last night. I fell asleep during the early part of the Oscars last night despite sleeping most of the day. Being sick is such a waste. I had Steve wipe down everything I had touched during the day so hopefully he won't get sick though we were together the night before I came down with this crud.

It is pretty out but below zero. Yesterday would have been a good day to run as temps were in the 20s. Not sure if I am strong enough yet to brave the cold.

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