Friday, February 27, 2015

More whimisical stuff

Another one room school house

This life sized lady just stands by the side of the road

This is the side yard of a yoga studio

Life sized tiger

Pretty mailbox for a massive estate

ceramic tiled mailbox
This time I headed east on my run where the houses are even bigger. I thought there would be fewer sights to photograph than  on the western route but at my snail's pace, I can see things that I miss as I whizz by at 55 mph in the car. No lakes though (hard to see them under all this snow) and the terrain is a bit hillier though I am still trying to figure out why it seemed uphill in both directions.

By the time I went out to run, it was a toasty ten degrees. Note the average high for this date is Forty degrees!!! Minus 16 in Ann Arbor this morning but the old house survived in part because of the new plumbing is now not close to the outside as it was before.

We had Maya here this morning. She likes to practice on the balance bike in the basement though it will be more effective when she can go outside

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