Saturday, February 21, 2015

Keeping out of the cold

Steve and I went to the Italian market to pick up some treats

The following photos all are from one of the Moms. She works adjacent to the woods. The courtyard next to her office is sheltered from the wind and probably warmed up from escaping heat. Turkeys and deer come for shelter

This girl is trying to get some heat from the building with her face against the glass

What a face! Yet their feathers are so beautiful. I think these all hens. Single sexes flock together until mating season. The males have beards sprouting from their chests

turkeys and deer together

time for grooming
Please March be warm! This winter I have not escaped due to the move. Although last winter was long and hard, it wasn't this cold  and we were in California during the worst of it. Minus 40 in the town we started and ended the Michigander. Ann Arbor, according to their paper, was unofficially  at minus 30. And presumably we are in for 2 more cold snaps though today it will be close to freezing (for a 60 degree temp change).

After Ms. Maya left with her recovering mom, off to the Italian store for lunch and to buy stuff for the Mom's group later that day. Then back to IKEA for some cheap picture frames. I had the bright idea of framing my many flower photos to put on the walls of the flowered bedroom. Two blow up canvases should be ready this weekend. But I was going to have a bunch of small photos. First problem, no 5x5 inch frames at IKEA. Second: I made some 5x7 enlargements and bought some inexpensive nice frames. But the matting cuts off the photo. So either I can take the matting out or redo the photos as 4x6s (which at 13 cents a piece might be the best option). Went to a craft store for the right sized frames but they were very expensive. What I might do is find 5x5 mats and put them in a larger frame. Steve just groans. With everything I hang up, he sees holes. The walls would be bare if it were up to him.
On to the moms: nice and toasty. Great food and company as usual. And it really didn't take that much longer to get there as I just hop on the freeway.  Two of the Moms escape this week to the tropics. Lucky them!

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