Friday, February 20, 2015

Frozen Part Deux

View from bedroom window through dead hydrangeas Doesn't look so cold

Our thermometer reads -19.9 deg. Colder in Ann Arbor  Hope the old house survives

Maya eating dinner last night. Too bad she is sticking out her tongue. She is a pretty girl

temp map for Eastern US
We are the epicenter of frozenness
Note to map makers: Key is confusing

Maya is singing Let it Go! off key on top of her lungs from her umpteenth viewing of Frozen. Her mom is quite ill so we have her for I don't know how long. She came without back-up clothes and the ones I had for her seem to be misplaced during the move though I found a bunch of socks. As she is unused to sleeping by herself, I had her in my bed last night with her waking up several times confused to where she was exactly but she is in a good mood right now.

Steve bought a small ceramic heater for the area near the cold air return and the water intake pipe co-exist in an area of poor planning to prevent the frozen pipes of last Monday. It worked even though it was colder today. Pipes and heating vents made all sorts of noises all night. Between Maya insisting on constant contact and weird noises, not much sleep.
As I was babysitting yesterday, much of my to-do list is unfinished. Hopefully I can get stuff done today and later, Mom's group. I think I will go out or a long run tomorrow (projected temp 31 deg...a good 50 degrees warmer than this morning) instead of braving the elements today.

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