Saturday, February 14, 2015


Taken this morning before the winds started whipping up the snow

some of the strawberries a friend gave me with a sign another friend gave me
Although we are getting only a few inches of snow, it is blowing around so much, it looks like more. And the temps are dropping to way before zero. Must go back to the old house to try to insulate the sink. I should have run even further yesterday as it was relatively calm and slightly warmer at 8 deg. The forecast calls for thundersnow with all sorts of advisories, windchill, poor visibility, etc. Waiting impatiently for spring.

Maybe tonight would be a good time to try out my Jacuzzi. Once it clears up a bit, we'll go out to buy stuff to feather our nest a bit more.

I am still deciding on flowers to put on the flower room wall: more candidates: Try to imagine them as 16x20 blow ups. Some were taken with an iphone (poor resolution) but the ones taken with Steve's fancy camera can be blown up quite a bit.

This is the color I want but it is not a flower I can grow

To remind me of my old patio

the right color but looks sloppy

wish these were coral


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