Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Orange has come back!

We had Tess with us this morning.

Our overcrowded fireplace mantle. As soon as I figure out how to hang the metal prints, they will be moved. Got a 12x12 stone photo of Maya (on mantle) today. The black spot is a statue of a black pug in memory of Zoe
Note Big Dig cobblestones which still are being sold. The Big Dig project was the most expensive construction project ever in the US rerouting a major freeway under downtown Boston. These cobblestones are from the surface streets that had to be dug up
I guess if you wait long enough, things come back in fashion. When we bought our first house in 1977, it had been freshly decorated in orange thus the many orange things I have. When it came time to replace the orange shower curtain we had, none could be found. I even looked through dusty bins in NYC's garment district hoping to find an old one. Our second house, bought in 1983, came with almost every room covered in orange shag carpet which we kept for 14 years. Fortunately hiding beneath were nice oak floors. We had orange and blue wallpaper. Maybe I should keep it? It is in very good shape.

I've been getting all sorts of decorating and furniture catalogs. Guess what color is featured? Can I find burgundy placemats for my breakfast table? No...but I can find orange.

The pump guy finally showed. Turns out the whole problem was a defective gauge...the pump was fine. It must have been wrecked by the icy conditions. We had 2 extra gauges but didn't know how to turn the system off to install them. New houses are built so air-tight that the building code requires an opening for fresh air which is inconveniently right next to where the water comes in. There is a grid to keep animals out but it's not fine enough to keep out insects. We are plugging this hole. Tomorrow night, we will have another really cold (minus 9) night. The average temp for this time of year here is supposed to be 36-37. We haven't been close.
Still is was pretty and sunny, even though it didn't hit 20 degrees so I could run.

Keeping my diet very bland for now though I've been drinking coffee.

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