Monday, February 16, 2015


And this wasn't even the coldest it got.

What to do with all this peach colored glass?
The burgundy glass will be used to accent the kitchen. Cranberry did not work in the other house
As cold as it was yesterday, it was tropical compared to today. I had just looked at the highs and ignored the lows. Although the high will be higher than yesterday, the low was much lower. Meanwhile Steve does not like to turn on the heat: he calls it burning money. I am used to it but Shanna's family was uncomfortably cold yesterday as was Josh's who had come earlier. And now it has backfired as we have no water whatsoever. The pump doesn't work. The sellers say this does happen if it gets cold and perhaps it will work again when it warms up and gave us hints to prevent this in the future (and it will get just as cold in a few days..hate winter)

At least the pipes didn't freeze at the old house. The ones in the sink have in the past during much warmer times due to the leak causing the cabinet to rot away exposing the pipes to the outside. It will be fixed this week but in the meantime, we used lots of Styrofoam. to cover them and at least that works.

When it rains, it pours or in our case, freezes. Steve rescued Naomi and her dead battery last night. The shop said it was just the battery and not the alternator so that was a relatively easy fix. But it was very cold out there trying to jump the car and Steve, not the least mechanically inclined, had to be talked through the process by phone with Josh. The revived car was driven to the shop and of course Naomi ran out of food money so they had to go shopping. And we switched cable companies for her so all the old stuff needed to be shipped away today.

Now it is a toasty zero degrees out. Still not warm enough for this problem to go away. We still have two flushable toilets  but I really need a shower. We used seltzer water to make coffee.

I amused myself between phone calls and reading about wells and freezing on-line figuring out what do with all this glassware I had inherited from my paternal grandma. She liked this orangish shade of pink. She even had a Chrysler Imperial that color (which we inherited). In the old house, I had about 12 built in shelves between the dining room and the living room ( a selling point according to the realtor) No built in shelves here. Although the pink and cranberry didn't really match my orange and blue décor, I put them on the shelves anyway along with some blue glassware I purchased myself. Yes I realize this sounds hideous. So far I decided that the cranberry color will be my accent color in the kitchen and the pink stuff goes into my floral bedroom.
From the internet: 1956 Chrysler Imperial in my grandmother's favorite color. Can't believe that pink was so popular. Her car had the lollipop tail lights. Car had automatic windows (cars my dad bought always were hand crank) A short in them caused them to catch one on fire  once

Couldn't find a close up of her tail lights in pink. I think this year was the only year they were used

We've bought some new pieces of furniture  and linens for the house but all the 'decorative' elements I've used so far are from the old house. Of course I have a whole shelf of 'rococo 'stuff that I used to decorate of the bathrooms. I think I will have a rococo corner in the basement.

Really hope the pump starts working soon.

Update: we had water for about 5 minutes at 1 pm just enough to flush all the toilets. Then it disappeared. A half hour later (it is now sunny and a toasty 8 degrees, 27 degrees warmer than this morning,) it came back. Steps will be taken for this not to happen again. I ran (OK as long as the wind was on my back) and I finally was able to take a shower. We even ran a load of dishes. Hopefully the crisis has ended though it will be just as cold in a few days. I am not a fan of winter.

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