Sunday, February 22, 2015

Whimsical mailboxes, etc

This golf cart mailbox is less than a mile down the road

Lots of gated estates nearby. This one seems to have two sets of gates to get through. They really want to be left alone

And this is just a few blocks down the road
These were my plans for today: early morning, go for a run; early afternoon have Josh's family come over; early evening and beyond, have the Moms come over to watch the Oscars. In between, continue to hang things up on the walls. My particular target was the MOMA art sculpture that as it turns out, will look great in the master bedroom.

This is how my day has gone so far: I threw up everything I ate more than 18 hours ago. I am wearing more clothes than I would wear skiing at below zero and I huddle under 3 comforters. Still I am cold. I cancelled seeing anyone today. I am considering wearing gloves now. It was 16 degrees when I ran for more than an hour yesterday  and I took the gloves off after a mile as my hands were uncomfortably sweaty. I did drink coffee for the caffeine: bad idea as it was like battery acid coming up. I do have Snapple to drink. I tried to sleep most of the morning as this probably is a 24 hour virus and sleeping would be a good to way to pass the time but a bout of nausea made me run to the toilet. I feel a bit better.

One year I had norovirus 4 times. Sometimes it is diarrhea; sometimes it is vomiting. Don't know which is more unpleasant but now the nausea isn't fun along with the chills and body aches. Naomi had this a few days ago. Whens she dropped Maya off, she  needed my phone. I forgot to wipe it down with bleach wipes. As I haven't had this for more than 18 months, I thought I developed immunity. No such luck. Steve meanwhile is overseeing things at the old house. The area under the sink needed to be taken out, along with the dishwasher and 2 cabinets. Very scary looking. But the good news is that the joists were fine and they didn't need to take the counter tops off. Now it looks like it did before they ripped things apart but the insides are clean and mold free. New floorboards, new insulation, new plumbing though I thought we already paid for new plumbing. A new sink goes in today.

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