Sunday, February 15, 2015


breakfast nook table finally put together with lots of help from Shanna and Ramy. It is surrounded by 3 sides of windows. We have a 5th chair so all the Moms can sit there Note Valentine's flowers

We bought 2 wicker chairs for the front porch. Will find some all weather cushions Until then, it lots cute in the floral room

Allie at the Coney Island today
It has been so brutally cold. Way too difficult to run but I did get exercise shoveling through the massive drifts on the driveway.

I love hot tubs and whirlpool baths. I finally got some time last night to use my own Jacuzzi. The area juts out into the backyard so I have windows all around me (I am not exposed).

We've been busy but yet so much needs to be done. The old house now just lots sad despite the new windows. And some of the window sills now need replacing. We did check to see if the house survived the minus 11 temps this morning.

We had a bunch of furniture delivered today in little boxes. It will take a while to put all of that together. The dinette set is done. We couldn't get the top in our car but fortunately it fit in Shanna's minivan.

Just when Steve was ready to relax, he had to go rescue Naomi who claims her battery died. Not at home but at a gas station. I am hoping she just flooded the engine.. He was very crabby when he left.

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