Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Move

It is very early Sunday morning as I lay in this very quiet house under the glow of the tray ceiling lighting. We are not using the master bedroom as I forgot to pack sheets. The old bedroom set is set upin the third bedroom. Steve has already set up the TV there so until we get organized, that's where we will stay. And I am using an iPad, which is terrible to type on as I forgot or lost the power cord to the computer though it is a laptop with a battery. We didn't get internet until late yesterday. No more landline either.  

Even though I have been unable to exercise, I am sore and tired from carrying  and packing things. Things have been very hectic. So much to do and not enough time. There is still lots of stuff back at the old house. Shanna spent the entire day yesterday helping me pack glassware and shred more documents and then cleaning off all the salt the movers tracked in everywhere on our nice shiny floors.

Everything the movers moved had to be emptied. Their path needed to be snow and ice free. We didn't do a good enough job for them apparently as the 7 of them started to redo our job. I suggested that maybe some of them could possibly start taking the furniture apart ($195 hour is expensive for snow removal) but no, they had a process. Six of them were wirery, not much taller or as tall as me but they had a giant with them.. 6'8" and over 300 pounds. Wish I took a photo of him.But he injured himself dropping the newest piece of furniture we had wrecking it ( and we only recovered half of its cost). Why couldn't he wrecked some of our old stuff? And he was useless from then on unable to lift more than a few pounds.  They had 2 trucks so when one was full, Steve took our remaining car to direct them at the new house while some of them stayed back with me to finish up.  Although I told Steve where I wanted everything, he must have misunderstood as he is deaf because many things ended up in the wrong place. I should have drawn a diagram or should have been there myself or better, clone myself so I could be at 2 places at one time.

How to make my loud colorful stuff work in a tastefully muted color pallet? This has been driving me crazy.  Yep we can go out and buy new but we still need the fix up the old house and sell it. A few years back, Steve bought what I thought were ugly sheets that didn't match anything. Why? Because they were cheap.  I almost put them in the charity box but then, maybe I could put them on the spare bed in the lower level. Turns out they were a duvet set and they actually look good in the gold room. So that room actually looks nice. Photos when I get my cables back though I guess the iPad has a camera.  The orange stuff doesn't look bad in the dining room. I got 3 of the bathrooms nicely decorated. One to go.  The living room and family room are messes. The kitchen will look good after some time. We have nothing in the break fast nook as I need a round table and didn't want to buy this heavy oak thing from the sellers. We eat on bar stools at the kitchen island.

I set up a kids space in the basement full of indoor equipment. Allie gave it a try yesterday.

I will have plenty of wall space for my hangings that don't work upstairs.

I texted Shanna to bring her stud finder. Ever helpful OAS converted that to stud muffin.
Josh, Julie and Allie came over late in the day. Julie had not seen the house and Josh helped reposition furniture. Even though it was before 6, the restaurant near us was totally packed. We couldn't even park. Please, someone build a restaurant in Salem township! We went to downtown Plymouth. The Italian restaurant was packed too but then a good brewpub had a table. Much more reasonable prices too. Josh had a big lobster club for $10. I had butternut squash ravioli. A nice night out. Shanna and I split a beer sampler. I took all the dark or bitter ones, she took the light.

It was beautiful out yesterday and warm! hopefully I can run a bit this morning here. Once it is spring, there will be plenty of nice dirt roads including the continuation of the Scenic Beauty Road whose western portion I enjoyed so much. So much still to do with both houses but now there isn't deadlines. The windows get replaced Friday and some of the water damage might get repaired before then.

Much later I will take a break with a friend.


Kat&Chris said...

Congrats to you and Steve on making the move! I hope you love your new place- it sounds like it will have much for you to enjoy, and lots of spring flowers to look forward to.

Elephant's Child said...

I suspect you are getting more than enough exercise in the move. Different exercise, but exercise just the same.
Glad that it is quiet in the new house. Which will become a home soon.


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