Monday, February 9, 2015

One Day Left!!

Behind the curtain: In one niche of the massive basement is a curtained area concealing all sorts of devices we have zero familiarity with. Water softener, rust removal system, holding tank for the  well, reverse osmosis machine...all stuff we didn't need when we were tapped into  the city supply. I was showing one of the Moms these (she has a well and a septic system as do 2 other Moms), we see a flashing electronic light on I don't know what device because I am so clueless though there are manuals duct taped to all.

One day left!!

The Mom thought this sounded ominous. I sent Steve down who sighed and said he'd deal with it tomorrow along with some other issues. Comcrap for example.(they sent us a newbie the other day who was on the phone most of the time asking for advice. He at least got the internet to work but the TV, not so much.) Shortly after midnight, we hear what vaguely sounds like a toilet running (unfortunately a familiar sound as the downstairs toilet in the old house will unseat unless one is gentle..we had a long term houseguest who insisted on flushing the toilet in the middle of night, not gently, so it would be running and we'd have to get up in the middle of the night to fix it as she had had earplugs and couldn't hear it). First we were really annoyed as we thought we had escaped running toilets but then neither of us had recently used one. We both get up to identify which of the four were the culprit. Neither. We open the basement door to hear a loud rushing water sound, like an whole bathtub being tipped over. Or a waterfall. Now on the screen there was a countdown timer with 4:49 to go. So maybe this is normal and in less than 5 minutes, we can get some sleep. Yay! No such luck. It (whatever it is, we will identify it today) went through a few more cycles, one lasting 36 minutes complete with countdown timers for each. Finally after an hour, things were quiet. Today Steve went down to see if the machine had a new message for us.

Three days left!!

The hidden closet: We have 4 bathrooms now. (and the plumbing is set up for a 5th down in the basement) The masterbath, which we use because our stuff is there, the Jack and Jill bathroom that is between 2 bedrooms which we use in the middle of the night because we have temporarily set up sleeping arrangements in one of these bedrooms (we will see how long it takes to make the master bedroom sleepable), the half-bath which is way over in the other half of the house and the last bath, which I don't anticipate ever needing because of the other threes' more useful locations. But last night I used it, with the door closed (because I am so classy). I could see a massive closet , way bigger than the actual linen closet in the hall, which is smaller than what we had at the old place). The reason I didn't see it before despite owning this house for almost 2 weeks is because I always had the door open, which blocked it. When Steve and I were investigating the sound of the raging river very early this morning, I pointed it out to him. He hadn't noticed it either.

We forgot many things: At the last minute, I invited the Moms over to watch the Grammys last night so we could make fun of dresses, etc.  Two came. They brought snacks, some of which needed cookie sheets to bake on. Did I have these? No!!! You should have told me, I would have brought one.  Sorry, too much to consider. Aluminum foil sorta worked.Maybe I will bring all my baking supplies today. We also used the oven(s) for the first time. Lots of complicated instructions. Haven't used the stove yet aside to see if they had turned off our gas (when I couldn't get the furnace to work last week). The microwave on the other hand, has got lots of use.

Making do: We wanted to eat these many goodies in front of the TV. We have a coffee table in the living room (the most problematic room to decorate), too big and heavy to move into this family room (a work-in-progress room too). I ask Steve to find something in the basement amongst our abandoned furniture collection.  He comes up with packing boxes. Classy. Fancy new house and we are eating off of cardboard. But they worked. And the Grammys were fun to watch though we were all sick of Sam Whats-his -name winning everything and listening to his insipid ballad over and over again. And it sounded so familiar; almost identical to an old Tom Petty song.

Finally get to run: Inner nag just won't shut up even though I tell her that so much stuff needed to be done in a timely matter and that my legs and feet hurt from going to and fro and from lifting heavy things. So much needs to be done still but the deadlines have softened. Things can now be done tomorrow (dangerous words). It had been warm on Saturday melting the snow. By yesterday morning, it froze leaving our street a sheet of ice. I gingerly walked to the main road  (about a quarter mile). There had been enough salt to prevent ice on the shoulder. This section is very flat. It felt so good to be running again. Bonus: by the time I returned, it was warm enough to melt the ice on our street though I am afraid it is back again.

Pictures later.


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