Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New house photos

Dining room Still orange and will be more orange Thursday when we pick up a rug containing orange

These photos really distort color Walls are blue-aqua. These wall hangings work

kids corner in the basement. Our living room will no longer be a toddler playground

This will be a guest room. This contains everything that was in our purple, peach and sage master at the old house

This bed looks too tiny. Will get a kingsize 4 poster bed to fill up the space. The rug is too small too . Not sure if this duvet cover matches. I wanted a more chocolate brown. I might take this back. The end table is just temporary too. This is a double bed, too small for us. It will be put in a make-shift guest room downstairs at some point

sunset last night through a screen Couldn't see sunsets at the old place due to the massive sugar maples in the nearby park blocking my view. And my trees obscured partially sunrises. Now no big trees

Yesterday's purchase: one of 4 rugs though 2 need to be picked up. The rug does match the room more than it appears here but does clash with the chair which looked fine before. Might move the chair

The guest room from a different angle. Again this double bed looks too tiny but I am not replacing it. The large dresser that matched this set was smashed by the movers

half bath, My art fair fairy looks good in here. Walls more blue than the photo indicates
A whole day of shopping yesterday. Bought 4 rugs, lots of linens and a dinette set though we don't have all the items in hand yet. And everything was a sheet of ice though the sun melted a small path for me to run in the half hour of sunlight I had. Today, a Y day. Due to my packing duties last week, I had no time to go. I have a more relaxed schedule now though there is plenty that needs to be done. And Steve is off babysitting Allie. I didn't even hear the story behind that yet.


Kat&Chris said...

All looks beautiful & what a view!

Elephant's Child said...

It is starting to come together really well.
Love that sunset too.

Teri Bernstein said...

the rug might not be too small after you get the big bed...
Everything is looking gorgeous! What a new lease on life!


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