Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Black Ice

king sized bed now set up in master bedroom Still to be set up: entertainment center and dresser

Would this look OK above my master bed? Steve probably will have a fit. Here it is against a coral wall and the master has chocolate walls. It would look ok in my 'floral' room. It might be too green for the other room in which I have sage accents (versus lime green)
Winter just won't quit. As cold as it was Monday morning causing the water intake pipe to freeze, it will be just as cold if not colder Thursday night. We will take steps to make sure that won't happen again. In the meantime, the pump's pressure gauge is dangerously high. The owners think the gauge might be broken but sources say, if they are wrong, we could blow the pump. We have another gauge but how to switch it out. We are too stupid. Calls are in progress to the pump people for guidance.

I went running early this morning along the busy road not far from us. It has a very wide bike lane, which is snow covered but there is an area that the plow scraped along the dirt that provided good traction. I could see that the road was covered with black ice and felt it the two times I had to cross it. Only a small amount of pavement was bare. It is so cold that the snow on top of the ice is rubbery thus not slippery. Helpful is that the stretch I ran along is flat and low with small lakes lining the road. It is quite pretty and when it is warmer and I could stop without getting frostbite, I will take photos. It was 10 degrees and sunny when I went out. It almost felt warm compared to Sunday morning when it was 20 degrees colder and my nostrils froze together as I shoveled snow.. Once it is spring, I will have much more interesting paths to take. The black ice was worrisome around the curves. I was hoping that nearby drivers didn't lose control.

After exercising in the Y, I went back to the old house (as it is on the way) to retrieve even more stuff. The old house looks so sad. Still stuff needs to be removed though Steve is in favor of trashing it all (his stuff is gone). Some of the stuff (1970s pottery) I am washing and using it to decorate the kitchen. Meanwhile my plants back there are mostly dead due to the cold on window replacement day.. I saved my succulent turtle currently living along my Jacuzzi and a cactus.

Ugh...I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome. My wrist hurts unless I rest it just the right way as I try to sleep. My health issue of last week, a bright red eyeball is now unnoticeable. I think I stabbed myself with my nail as I slept. I had no oozing indicative of pinkeye. And I had developed painful raw skin around my lips looking like I misapplied lipstick to a half inch around my actual lips. Looked awful but after a week of extensive creams on it, the skin is now normal.

It snowed a few inches yesterday. Steve is back at the old house shoveling it as we are legally required to keep the sidewalks clean. I just wish spring were here now.

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