Thursday, February 26, 2015


I've been repurposing my 1970s and 1980s ceramics. Purchased at the art fair many years ago. Looked good in my harvest gold-rust country kitchen. Put away when 1996 kitchen was all white and gray along with the hardwood cutting boards

orange glass collection. The goldfish usually is on my patio catching the fading western sun. The piece with the green diamond I made in a class. Too bad I was poor at making hangars. The two big pieces were in my orange and blue living room

new orchid. I made the stained glass piece in the window. again my hanging hooks fell off

pug vase with fading valentine's blooms

I've been putting my ruby glass collection all over the place in the kitchen where it looks good. Didn't fit in any where in the old house
As I furiously was trying to park my car into a spot x + 2 inches ( x=length of my car)for my last trip to the Y until next year, Dvorak's scherzo from his 6th symphony (to listen )was playing. Sometimes I think this piece is the background music of my life. The piece is called La Furiant which I assume is the fury, not in the anger sense but in the things are happening too fast sense. From my Italian 110 class, I learned that scherzo is both a noun and a verb (first person singular) meaning a joke and just kidding respectively. In music, it usually means the 3rd movement played in double time in a light hearted manner though this particular piece is not light hearted at all.

So I ran around in circles for an hour and used weights for another 40 minutes. I could sign up for another 2 months but I am hoping we only have a couple weeks of winter left and soon I will be riding my bike. It of course is a much longer drive than when I actually lived within the city limits.

The old house is on the way back. It is so depressing there with so much yet to do. And still so much stuff. Today I reclaimed my old stained glass projects, kitchen things and some liquor bottles. The last thing to leave will be lamps as many rooms don't have overhead lighting (as opposed to this place with multiple lights and windows, the only dark room is the den with a very tiny window blocked by a bush which when it has foliage will make the room even darker).

Steve was out buying yet more furniture for an entertainment system. No place yet for all the receivers, dvd players,etc. I rather have concentrated on the den though now we can retire the cardboard box covered with a blanket we'd been using as a coffee table there.

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