Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mood lighting

We took over several boxes of fragile photos. Our new fireplace, gas but can be converted to wood, is surrounded by Boston Cobblestones. The seller's father was in charge of some street project in Boston and saved many of the ancient cobblestones to be sent to his son

Our master bedroom. The lighting around the tray ceiling makes it look like the paint is 2 colors but it is not. Steve is not a short person so you can get some idea how tall the ceilings are in this house

Very big doors and windows. Since I am a light lover, this helps though the room that will be my office is not so light
The eagerly awaited text saying that the sellers were vacating the house came at noon though the message was lost in cyberspace for a while and I didn't notice it until almost 2 even though I checked frequently The sellers had a 14 hour (in good weather)drive ahead of them. Shouldn't they leave before the storm hit them? I checked the map for their probable path (love maps...I plan routes for others. I noticed that visiting Asheville NC and Greenville SC would be easy-peasy. I have friends in both places).

We made 2 trips with the larger car chock full of boxes. I finally feel that we have a handle on this chaos. First Purple Heart took a lot of stuff that was clogging our house. They even took the abandoned weight set along with non-functional lamps and ugly end tables.. Our strategy now is to move most of the smaller objects ourselves recycling the boxes. All that really needs to happen this week is emptying the large pieces of furniture the movers are taking later in the week. Our house really doesn't need to be emptied for several weeks, all the time in the world for this procrastinator.

About 10 minutes of panic occurred when the keys given to us by the sellers Tuesday didn't open the front door. They were copies. Fortunately they worked on the side door. Inside were better keys that work on the front door. I hid a key outside as we were warned that it is very easy to get locked out. The place was completely empty except for the keys, garage door openers and service manuals. Not even any toilet paper. It actually looks nicer empty. I did not like the seller's furniture. So now I am feeling much more positive about the house. It does look nice and after a long while, I can make it look better, especially after we get rid of our current home.

In between trips, we went to the large Italian market in Plymouth chock full of Super Bowl party buyers for some tasty dinner. All baked goods, gelato, sausage, pasta are made there. It was dark by the time we made our second trip. We never had been there at night. Over the kitchen cabinets is mood lighting.  An eerie color changing glow emitted when I turned it on, very cool. Somehow, yeah I know this is silly, it made me feel so much better about the new house. I think there is probably under the cabinet lighting too but I haven't figured out how to use it.

It is snowing on my parade. We were warned but I was hoping for a Snor'easter (the big nor'easter that they closed NYC down for just a little snow as it turned out though further up the coast had all the snow advertised). I wanted to move more stuff, Josh was supposed to come over, I was supposed to have fun with a friend later..all will probably not happen. We've been lucky so far this winter except for some very icy days, the weather has been OK. I've been able to run most of the days. The truck just went through my bike path. I suppose I could go out and run for a little bit until it becomes too thick.
The kitchen during the day with the seller's stuff. We need to buy barstools and a stepstool so I can put stuff on top of the cabinets


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Elephant's Child said...

Love those high ceilings. I too am a light addict.
Looking forward to seeing you turn this house into a home.


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