Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why do they turn out the way they do?

I watched A Beautiful Boy this afternoon. A couple's only child without any warning kills 21 classmates and himself at his university. They go into hiding from the press asking the same question over and over What kind of parents raised this kind of monster? Then they play the blame game with each other, If only you didn't do this and this...

None of my children so far have turned out to be  crazy murderers but each has done at least one thing in their lives that seemed inexplicable. We've played the blame game with each other. Others have chimed in uninvited to opine what we (usually me) has done wrong.

And I have done this myself. Why did my father turn out to be such a selfish, racist boor? He was raised in the lap of luxury by well educated, polite, generous parents. His step-mother placed the onus on the mother she never met. She must have spoiled him...

I spent a good part of the day with my own beautiful boy. I am very proud of him (and my other children). He is making steps to better his situation.

It is scary to think you have known someone so well and then they turn out to be a complete stranger. Fortunately he is an optimist and believes the situation was a fluke.

Finally we have had a bit of rain. It has made everything now so humid.

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