Sunday, July 29, 2012


For the past year, I've been on a photobook and calendar making spree. I buy them on Groupon and its ilk for an alleged 75% saving. I've used at least 5 different suppliers: with each, there is a considerable learning curve. Typical scene: I buy one of these in April that would expire in July. July seemed so far away but then it comes and I panic.

Aside from the digital photos, I have zillions of 35 mm prints. Some of them are organized in books, one for each of the three kids, then by years, then... everything is thrown in boxes. I want to digitalize everything worth saving. This is taking a while. I also am going to give each child their own photobook. I made a wedding book for Naomi and myself, a Maya book, an Italian book, a combined England and Canada book, a cruise book, an Italian calendar and am currently working on a 2012 vacation book. (some of the books and calendars Naomi and I made are here)

I've made several gifts: a calendar chock full of photos of  great-grandkids and grandkids for my MIL, a wedding calendar for Naomi's MIL, a photobook of Julia (made before I knew she was going to desert my son) and a book of Shanna's life for her recent birthday. Not all have been well received. Julia never thanked me (typical) and Shanna was irritated that I included a photo of her prom date (it was such a good picture of her). My MIL and Naomi's MIL seemed happy with theirs though. I am slowly scanning early pics of Josh and Naomi and putting them into folders. Josh actually seemed hurt that I haven't made anything for him (he would have been the last person I thought that would want one). I have bought several of these as gifts for the kids to make their own.

A good day today.

Soon after I awoke, I went for a 20 mile bike ride. Advantage of early morning Sunday rides? No traffic and no wind. Disadvantage: long shadows that are hard to tell apart from potholes,  and glare. Also: it would have been nice to sleep in. I gardened for a while fertilizing all the flowers, replanting some, and repositioning others. Steve hadn't deadheaded anything while I was gone but the geraniums looked wonderful. Now they look sucky. In a week or so, they will perk up. Then a bento box with Josh. I still haven't got to meet his new female friend (he doesn't want to use the term girlfriend). Then Shanna, Naomi and all the grandkids came over. Chaos as usual. I had bought Oliver some goggles for his swim class tomorrow but his mom had beat me to it.

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