Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Games I do not like to play....

but my husband does.

  1. Gasoline Roulette: The object of this game is to see how far one can travel on just fumes. In the meantime, maybe gas prices will go down. Ignore the gas gauge saying you only have 4 miles to go, you have plenty of gas! Don't listen to your wife whining about sucking up sludge at the bottom of the tank.
  2. See how long it takes for the boss to get a clue. Sure he has forgotten to pay you before but after a couple of e-mails, it eventually occurs to him to pay you. We are going for the record: 5 weeks or 3 missing pay checks. It is rude to ask for money isn't it? Extra bonus: when we quit this week because the project with the impossible deadline is finally finished and we are asked for a reason, well this will be a good one. This game has morphed into
  3. The more she nags; the less the chance I will do it. While ample of opportunities had arisen to ask about the missing pay, these were not taken. Listen the nag sputter how she will show up at work herself and demand that the paycheck be cut immediately or maybe broadcast on LinkedIn about how this POS company does not pay its bills. She will do it! She is just that mad!Trying to quiet down here not to encourage this passive/aggressive cycle I am so well aware of. My game: not letting go.
  4. Stuff the refrigerator with good deals such that nothing can be found. Presumably a full refrigerator is a more energy efficient one but many things get forgotten about until they are old and moldy. Sample: buying numerous quarts of OJ because they are on sale. But after a few days, they aren't fresh squeezed anymore.
  5. See how much outdated financial information we can keep. See how neatly it is compiled in zillions of binders.
Oh I am not always so crabby. The weather finally is reasonable so I've been running and biking without suffering too much. As I ran by the tennis courts yesterday, an old man stopped me to tell me how proud he is of me. Of course he is probably 15 years older and out there every morning playing tennis. I've been making great strides in tackling my to-do list. One of my games: see how much I can put off something until the last possible moment.

I went to my breast cancer yoga yesterday. Another sub: this one I like the most. The first one is too laid back and easy on us, then we had the drill sargent but this one is just right. Next week I see that we will have Bicycle Rider Yoga  every night to deal with our cramped muscles from riding all day. Not sure if my bike partner will want to do that. I told him about our opportunity to zipline; no way, Jose! We will tube the Sturgeon River though. There seems to be some sort of festival in every town we stop in. Alpenfest, for example, in Gaylord. This tourist town imagines itself to be in Switzerland. All the downtown looks composed of Swiss chalets. My grandfather liked to vacation at a resort just outside of Gaylord and took us one year. I am well familiar with the town. We will ride through the  Sturgeon Capital (Onaway), Elk Capital of Michigan (Atlanta) and the Potato Capital (Posen). I have never seen an elk in Michigan but the organizers say we are almost guaranteed.

Shanna's husband is off travelling for work this week so she will stay with us for part of it.
Update: Steve quit his job and as an afterthought, said he would like to be paid. The boss knew he missed handing out a couple of pay checks but thought he had paid him for his time well over a month ago. He didn't.

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