Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ants and Bad Bosses

The two do not have much in common except they are very annoying.

Steve has this fairly dangerous job that he is grossly underpaid for. Now I find out that he has not been paid in over a month despite sending reminders to the boss saying he has not been paid. These e-mails are ignored and Steve hates confrontation. I on the other hand feel like finding this guy to visit him in person and give him a piece of my mind. He has 'forgotten' before and has made good in the past after a couple of e-mails so Steve is not worried though he is annoyed that he has to continually beg to be paid. The guy has been gone a lot though he did find some time to come and ask Steve when this stupid project is going to be done. I've been urging him to quit and now that I found this out, I don't think they deserve any notice.

As for ants, I was thinking how lucky that these little disgusting things didn't find their way into our house this year or to my hummingbird feeder but then I look and my solar light string is the I-94 of an ant trail. Amazing the convoluted path they had to take and then the communication to their fellow ants. But the solar light string will no longer lead them to ant heaven and now they have to wade through a thick wad of vaseline to reach ant nirvana.

This morning was to be a running day but with it already in the 80s with matching humidity, I biked instead. Yesterday a record was broken and today it will be above 100 too. All these records were set in 1988, the summer we went to Yellowstone and they had the fires.

The self-seeded cleomes are in bloom now.

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