Friday, July 6, 2012

Too damn hot!

101 and humid. I am so tired of it. I went out running at 6 am and biked a little after. My patio is shaded in the morning where I like to do my puzzle, drink my coffee and watch my hummingbirds but soon it was too hot to do that. And tomorrow, despite the earlier cool forecast, will be just as hot. I go outside just  to rescue my flowers. The humidity actually helps them so I don't need to water as often as that dry week.

I did have a nice lunch with Shanna sans kids..a nice break for her and fun for me.

I do hope it cools down for my big ride in a week.


Kathy&Chris said...

Hi Sue, Can you provide details on your bike ride? I'm wondering if you will ride through any part of West MI?
Kathy B.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

We are not going through Western Michigan at all though some years we do. We go from Mackinaw City to Onaway to Alpena to Atlanta to Gaylord to Indian River back to Mackinaw. It is all trails except for between Alpena and Gaylord.
The first few years of the ride, we went on the Kal-Haven trail starting in South Haven.
Many years ago I did the Holland 100 with people from work.


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