Saturday, July 28, 2012

Le madre sotto le stelle*

* Moms under the stars

 A nice cool night for the Moms. And because of the drought, no mosquitoes which usually drive us inside once the sun goes down. Alas one of the moms could not come.

The menu: Sushi, Indian treats made from chick pea flour, guacamole and chips, a very tasty salad, fresh corn on the cob, tilipia tacos, margaritas. lots of wine, Italian peaches, and s'mores cooked on the fire pit, lots of gossip and laughter..a good time.

Earlier in the day I learned my birthday buddy's wife was just diagnosed with breast cancer again. Different breast, different kind. She had it about 6 years ago and went through chemo. This is not considered a recurrence but a new primary. So lightning can strike twice. More chemo: more surgeries. I would hate it so much if this happened to me. Once was enough.

Today: garage sales. My finds: a bicycle trailer than can haul two toddlers, a toddler bike helmet and a vase for myself.

More running. I am exhausted.

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