Friday, July 13, 2012

Packing anxiety

Miss Maya joined me for breakfast on the patio. Most of her hair growth is on the back of her head. It looks like she is bald at the temples but they are covered with reddish-blond hair. While we were sitting there, a baby bunny hopped on by our feet.

Last night I dreamt that I had forgotten all of my clothes and had to go back to get them. I kept being distracted on what to pick out, I think I missed the ride all together.

Organizing for this ride had been hanging over my head all week. Not sure why I let these things bother me. I had written a master list to double check. Biggest worry, finding bags big enough (we are limited to two) to carry all my stuff. We went to several stores to find enormous duffel bags but failed. I finally decided that the biggest space hog was my 6 person tent. I found a cheap 3 person tent for $30 and now I can make everything fit. Hope I can figure out how to set it up.

I used to be a master planner: Camping with 20 girl scouts for a weekend? Yep I was able to organize all the many supplies, including for 8 meals and craft projects. This should be much easier.

I checked the long term weather. The lowest temperature will be 54 in Gaylord. There is a chance of rain on Sunday but we should be OK the rest of the week. No real windy days though riding into Gaylord against the west wind and climbing to 1360 ft from the 587 feet of Alpena will be a workout for this one.

I will be off line on my trip. Don't want to risk my iPad.

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