Friday, July 27, 2012

Sopranos live longer than altos

But bassos and tenors live the same length of life.

I read this little gem in the WSJ science news. Hypothesis? Altos have less estrogen than sopranos and thus have less of the cardioprotective properties of estrogen. Study I would like to see: Do Altos have less breast cancer?

If I could sing, I'd definitely be an alto.

Also: weight charts that make new moms crazy. There are two widely used charts: the CDC chart based on babies born in the 60s and the WHO chart: more recent which includes lots of breast fed babies.

So the CDC chart is based on bottle fed babies and very few preemies (as being born before 34 weeks then was a death sentence). Although breast fed babies gain initially more than bottle (less gastric disturbances) the level off in the 2nd 6 months. They used an example of a breast fed baby who was 5%tile on one chart but 25%tile in the other. Unfortunately her pediatrician used the CDC chart and said that the baby is dangerously underweight so formula must be introduced STAT. The mom stuck to her guns and the baby is just fine but lots of anxiety transpired. Ms. Maya fell into this trap at 9 months with an alarmed pediatrician. A nutritionist whom we consulted assured us she was just fine and did not need formula.

A busy day today. Went running as soon as I got up, showered, immediately went to the rehab unit  to pick my friend up on the far east side, took her to the far west side and got her situated in her home, went back to the far east side to have lunch with my birthday buddy (his birthday is in July; mine April. We are flexible about when it gets celebrated.) Back forth, back forth: made complicated by Ann Arbor deciding to fix most of the east-west routes at once. A fun lunch and lots of interesting beers to choose from. Instead of the $1.25 beers of the North, this beer my friend ordered (no prices shown until you actually get the bill..annoyingly) was $7.95. And he didn't even get a pint but a little vial.

Once the rain stopped enough for me to get to the car, home to make my Italian stuffed peaches. Had to make a lot of substitutions but it seems OK.
Mom's group tonight.

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