Sunday, July 1, 2012

Maya turns Two Today

How time flies!

I must admit that I was not thrilled to hear of her existence. Her mom was only 18 and  I thought no way ready to be a mother. It wasn't even clear how pregnant Naomi was. By looking at her, one would guess not very. She thought she might be 10 or 12 weeks. So at the ultrasound, we were very surprised to find out she was 16 weeks. The sonographer and I saw a flash of the hamburger sign (a girl) but it was fleeting. She did take a picture of a swelling down there that indicated that we might have a little boy. At 16 weeks, it is hard to tell the difference. But later sonograms never showed any boy parts.

Anyway, it has not been easy but Maya is a little gem. She celebrated her birthday at a water park. Later she will come over for dinner and cake with her aunt, uncle and cousins.

We went to The Top of the Park last night to hear swing music. As it is so dry, as soon as the set  goes down, the temperature does too.

I woke very early to do 32 miles of biking, most of it on what is the main bike way around here, Huron River Drive which goes along the river. Very pretty. For an hour, I had the road to myself but then the hoards of bikers passed me. I felt so slow. I am riding a mountain bike so that does slow me down but still... But I have to get out of the river valley to go home. Going up Whitmore Lake Rd, I went from 780 feet to 974 feet in too short of a period. I am sure I will encounter much larger hills on my ride in 2 weeks.

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