Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sue's first facial

I haven't had a whole lot of beauty services performed on me over the years. I now color my hair after chemo turned my hair to gray/white on one side and black on the other making me look even older than I am. See out-dated picture on the side to see how it looked before chemo. I've gotten a few massages and have had just a few mani/pedis. My feet were looking pretty ragged after the bike tour so today I went for a pedicure (shiny coral). Since I am still actively gardening, I am leaving the manicure for the fall but got a facial instead which came with a hand, shoulder, neck and face massage. I already get the foot and leg massage with the pedi and I am in a massaging chair for more than an hour. Somehow the facial makes my face plump up eliminating some of the wrinkles. I assume it will shrink down again by morning.

More firsts for Sue: My first iPad (about a month ago) and my first iPhone (this weekend). I think I am the last of my friends to get a smart phone. Of course, all the kids have one.

 I asked Siri today Who is the fairest of them all?
Answer: You, my friend, are the fairest of them all.

So there you go.
I am not sure how good of friends we are as she often doesn't understand me.

So today was the day of getting together with moms of Naomi's former friends. I went out to lunch and had coffee with one who just lived a few houses away. I really like her and it was fun visiting and seeing how the kids turned out. Shanna used to babysit the 2 younger kids.

And I just happened to bump into the other mom whose daughter played AAU basketball with Naomi and who, with Naomi, would troll the Y for pick-up games against the boys. Together they were very good. They parted ways sometime in high school. Near the nail place is a Thai place that features $5 pad thai only on Thursdays. I was surprised to run into her on the south side as we both live on the north side.

It's been my week of eating Asian. Tues: Chinese lunch Wednesday: Vietnamese lunch Thursday: Korean lunch Thursday night: Thai.

I will take my birthday buddy out to a non-Asian place tomorrow.

Rain! Finally!
The thunder woke me up several times enabling me to remember some of my dreams.  I was on the Michigander with Josh (as an adult) and Naomi and the friend whose mom came to visit me from the East today. Naomi and the girl were still in their teens. We had stopped at a rest stop after only going 10 miles. Josh took off without us. For some reason I took my shoes off and then couldn't find them again when it was time to leave meaning I'd need to ride barefoot (not fun with metal cage pedals). I also couldn't find the girls but the lack of shoes upset me more. I pitched a fit which involved me making a spectacle of myself trying to get everyone to feel sorry for me. I was  crying loudly and actually lay on my stomach and pounded the ground. I was ignored. I then decided to steal someone else's shoes. They were twice the size as mine (you know it's a dream then. No one has feet twice my size) but then had second thoughts because it was wrong.
Not sure what happened next. I awoke again trying to ride a subway or train and was totally confused which platform to get on. I had to make a quick decision and I couldn't undo it if I chose wrongly.

I ran in the rain. I heard thunder so I kept within a mile of here. I only saw the lightning flash a few times. By my count, it was more than a mile away. Still, I avoided wide open spaces.

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