Saturday, July 21, 2012

Scenes from a bike ride

From Paula's Cafe in Indian River. Every square inch of shelf space is stuffed with hundreds of teapots. Naomi and I had stopped here on one of our rides. Very yummy food even if you are not biking. 

Mackinaw Bridge from the Huron side. We spent the day in Mackinaw City before the ride the next day

At night, we drove to Wilderness St Pk on Lk Michigan in hopes of a good sunset. Too cloudy

Cute park in downtown Cheybogan full of aliens. Across the street was an excellent coffee place I stopped at twice. Yum.

Silly me with the ceramic salmon in Cheybogan

Aloha St. Pk

Bar in Onaway we went to

Rainbow out of Onaway

My companion aka Rasta Man with his Steeler's colors
Bags of potato goodies in the Potato Capital: Posen. I opted for Funyuns.

Tent City

I liked this set up. A cot/tent combo

Bears in Atlanta

Atlanta: Elk Capital. I do have an elk map

Me in Atlanta Jail

Public works map of Michigan best viewed from above. Route 612 6 miles west of Lewiston on Google Earth

Lake  in Lewiston: a rest stop

Hopefully they weren't pumping poop, purple or otherwise. They were collecting water from the shower truck. I had a panic attack in the shower truck because I thought I was locked in this tiny steamy stall.

Rough map of where we went if you click on this. It actually was the 21st anniversary as the ride started in 1992. 10 year old Josh and I were on it.

Alpenfest in Gaylord. The Sugar Bowl restaurant has been there forever. My brother and I walked there a couple of times as kids staying just outside of Gaylord

Pretty Gaylord flower bakets

Beaver Dam outside of Vanderbilt

Rasta Man waiting for me to stop taking pictures of beaver dams

My $25 tent and camp chair in Indian River

Old Topinabee train station. So many of these towns have disappeared once the trains went away

Sweet peas and daisies along the path

About 8 miles left in the ride. You can barely make out the bridge

Lake Huron looking south

Baggage to pick up at the end of the ride

Lunch in Cross Village overlooking Lk Michigan at the Leg's Inn

Lots of flowers

Leg's Inn: named for the old stove legs on the roof. Just full of wood carvings and animals

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