Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to my usual life

It's taken a while for me to recover especially from the lack of sleep.  One afternoon on the ride, I just slept instead of kayaking down the Sturgeon River. There was one more day of Art Fair left when I returned but I just couldn't motivate myself to get out. Instead, I dried out all the camping stuff. I didn't put it away until today. It was fun fitting that tent into this tiny bag.

I have been busy. And I will have guests! Tomorrow my former neighbor is returning. Her daughter is the one I took on my last Michigander with Naomi. She had to leave when our former employer pulled out of AA. And next week, my college friend who I went to Italy with will be here..happy, happy, joy, joy.

Friday I take my birthday buddy out to lunch and later on, Mom's group. I have bought fresh peaches this morning at the Farmer's Market in anticipation of making a dessert for it. Peaches stuffed with amaretti with marscapone cream? Peach melba? Peach pie?

Monday I spent a good part of the day with my friend who is in a rehab unit following surgery. I sat through her occupation therapy. She gets physical therapy there too, which helps restore her muscles. The OT helps her cope with her new, limited mobility. She has been through so much. I will bring her to her  home in a few days.

I took Ms. Maya to her speech therapy yesterday as Naomi was working. They are also working on other developmental issues. Initially she had poor fine motor skills but now, they are quite good. She is starting to vocalize now..a year after most kids. She had her 2 year check-up. 50%tile in weight and 95%tile in height.

Ms. Tess had her 4 month checkup and weighs now almost as much as Maya did at a year putting her in the 99+%tile.

And the swine company that Steve just quit! Still no pay! The boss was all apologetic about the missing paychecks and promised to mail them out immediately. Well guess what? Steve is irritated but not enough to do anything. He will give them ONE MORE DAY. One of the checks was for work 6 weeks ago.

My flowers mostly survived without me. It is amazing how many weeds will pop up if you aren't around to nip them in the bud.

This morning we had a record low, 49 degrees. But it popped back up to 93 in the afternoon.

As I have been biking a lot, I hadn't been running. I envisioned running a long way on Saturday. Didn't happen. I don't think I even left the house. By eventually, I did start running again and I even biked a bit. Don't want to lose those muscles.

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Holly said...

I am SO proud of you for doing that awesome bike ride!!


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