Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On my way to Onaway

Despite the heat, I managed to get a bike ride in today. Steve said it was 86 degrees when I left early this morning. Today felt worse than last week when it was 102. That day was dry, tough on plants but somewhat easier for me to tolerate. 101 and humid; not good.

Onaway is the first overnight stop after I leave Mackinaw City next week. Never have been there before nor have I been to Atlanta (MI) another stop. Hope I can do it. I have 320 miles under my belt and I can see my quads getting a little bigger.

I did our Border-to-border trail going along the Huron River from the east boundary to the west. A new addition: the Argo Cascades. They have a 500 foot stretch of the river tiered like a wedding cake with about 6 minirapids to shoot. Even early in the morning, the kayakers and tubers were there. Problem with riding in the river valley is that eventually I have to climb out of it. I tried a more gradual route this time but with the extreme heat, I was not having that much fun.

Steve spent most of today working. It scared me because lots could go wrong and he was completely by himself. He said he needed to use a piece of equipment that on other days would not be available to him. I kept calling him as he kept missing the times he said he would be home. They pay peanuts for high stress; high danger. Once this particular project is done, he is outta there.

Had a visit from Shanna's family. The boys wanted to play outside but it was just too hot for anyone to be out there. Josh went with some of his friends to Naomi's pool.

Happy Fourth Everyone!
Argo Cascades  photo from city website

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