Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Hen and Chick blossoms

Calla lily


Evening primrose
Every day my rooster grows taller and thinner. The blossoms at the tip are forming their own stalks. Soon I should see actual flowers. In Seattle, many people have rock gardens in their retaining walls. Hens and chicks seem to be a favorite. When I was there one June, some of them went into blossom mode with their sort of obscene erections sticking out of the vertical walls.

I had forgotten about my pot of callas wintering in my laundry room. It took less than 2 weeks of watering to give me blossoms from bare dirt.

I was woken up by the loud storms we had in the middle of the night. We really needed the rain and things cooled off. But tomorrow will be hotter than  ever and humid. Hard to exercise though I was able to run in the early morning drizzle and bike a bit.

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Holly said...

You are quite the accomplished gardener! I am always impressed...btw...I can't stand BM and never would have paid for tix, but being a guest was just fine!,


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