Sunday, July 8, 2012

Garage Clutter

Recently there was an article about cluttered garages in the WSJ that said that 75% of garages are so cluttered, one could not put a car in it. Well I guess we are half way there as we could only put one car in our alleged two car garage.  Even if our garage were empty (hard to imagine), the cars would have to be parked very closely together and it would be hard to access the driver's side of one.

The garage was finally below 110 degrees so today I went on a search for camping equipment that has not been used for 7 years. So much stuff to dig through! And mice or chipmunks discovered one bag containing camping pillows..yech! Finally found the tent. I am limited to 2 bags. In the past, I always  went with someone so we could share our 2 big allotment. If the tent is one bag, then I need to put all my clothes, sleeping bag, and pad in the other. I will not be sharing a tent with my work buddy.

Another chore: trying to figure out how to put a garage sale bike carrier on my car. I have 6 days to figure this out.

So we have some relief from the unrelenting heat if a high of 87 could be considered cool. I biked and ran this morning. But moving all that stuff around in the garage sucked the life out of me. No rain in sight either. I could hear a storm blow through in the middle of the night but it looks like no rain fell.

Had visits from all my kids and grandkids (at different times) yesterday. Nice having them around.

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Teri Bernstein said...

I share your cluttered garage pain. In trying to move back into the house, I have had to sort through 15 years of clutter. I tend to "archive" memorabilia in ordered file boxes, so I am not blameless...but the junk--including packaging materials that cannot be discarded--cannot be believed. Not to mention that the astronomy equipment is equal in volume to a car. Sigh.
I have been biking lately and thinking of you. Also reading the genome-sequencing cancer treatment series in NYT...hmmm


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